Important information for voters (English | Engelsk)

Municipal and county council elections 2019 will be held on Monday 9th of September 2019.

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Elections enable us to choose who we want to represent us on our municipal council and our county council.

The municipal council is the municipality’s supreme body. It is here that decisions are made on local matters such as kindergartens, child welfare, planning and land questions, primary and lower secondary schools, health and care services, cultural initiatives and refuse collection.

The county council is the county authority’s supreme body. County councils make decisions on matters such as upper secondary school education, county roads and associated ferry routes, local public transport and cultural initiatives. Oslo will hold a municipal council election and elections to the district councils, but not a county council election.

It is these local matters that have the biggest impact on your everyday life. By voting you are helping to decide who will represent you and your interests on the municipal council and on the county council.

This brochure contains information on how to vote.

Information in other languages see this link.